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Dear Valued Customers,

Please note that the closure date of E-Dirham G1 System and switching to E-Dirham G2 system will be on 21/02/2013 on Ministry of Labour system. The G2 Dirham Cards will be available for the customers at the center itself. Thank you,

Al Malomat TAS'HEEL Center pleased to inform you that they will be off during the holiday anniversary of Prophet Mohammad's birth, which falls on tomorrow « Thursday, 17 January 2013 »

Ministry Of Labour will be functioning only till 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, 12 April 2012. However, you can continue to access MOL inquiry services online by logging on to www.almalomat.ae Normal business will resume on Sunday, April 15 2012.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Dear Valued Customers,

Please note, due to technical challenges, effective 2nd of Jan 2012 EIDA processing will commence upon completion of Residence Visa Stamping. Applicant is kindly requested to proceed to EIDA office within next 7 days to stay in compliance with the government regulation and avoid penalties. This change is done to avoid current delays incurred by our business partners since the introduction of EIDA card process. As per the new process the EIDA registration form will be handed along with the stamped passport. Above said process change applicable only to the requests which are submitted 2nd Jan 2012 onwards. This change could remain permanent if the service providers cannot resolve the technical challenges. This new process will remain effective until further notice.

With immediate effect, lease contract of a minimum two bedroom is required for new application and renewal of housemaid visa.

Due to EIDA ID card processing, there will be delay in the process of residence visa application in all priorities (Express, Urgent and Normal). Sorry for the inconvenience!!!

Please make sure that Establishment Card is valid prior to apply online transactions and avoid processing delays!!!!

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Funded in March 2011, Al Malomat Center has developed a fine-tuned and successful synergy between innovative technical solutions and solid Services.

What We Do?

  • All kind of the Government Typing Services for Ministry of Labour.
  • Ministry of Healt Application Services.
  • General Directorate of Residence and foreigners Affairs.
  • Emirates Identity Authority.
  • Translation Services
  • Consultant Services

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We expanded and lead the way in customer service and satisfaction when it comes to ministry transactions, whether it is MOL, MOH, or Immigration. We now have an active presence in all emirates, and we are constantly expanding to new frontiers".